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The USA Nursing Employment program at Medcareer is formulated to help International Nurses discover nursing jobs in the USA. We shall guide you at every step, right from the correct licensure to settling into your new residence in the United States.

Are you ready? Apply for a permanent placement nursing POST in the USA!

For further information information, send us your resume and get personalized guidance from our team experts.

If you are a global nurse or international nursing student looking for nursing in the USA, your prime concern is to qualify the NCLEX RN exam.

This is a compulsory nurse licensing exam that certify your skills and experience qualify the demands of U.S. Hospitals.

NCLEX exams are accessible at test centers in the United States and elsewhere all around the globe.

You are required to pass the NCLEX exam before you can begin operating as a nurse in the U.S, but you can still register to our plan in the meanwhile.

Medcareer works with healthcare recruiters to grant you a full-time post and sponsor your permanent residency green card.

At this juncture, we also establish you have the requisite credentialing to work in the U.S.A. We look after this so you can start working as soon as possible..

The squad at Medcareer works dedicatedly to ensure your new nursing job is perfect for you and your loved ones. Positions are available at healthcare organizations like never before, meaning your expertise is in significant demand.

Don’t forget that all job offers are not created equal.

Our direct hire Nursing program strives to build a long-term nursing position as per your choice.

Once everything is in place, you can pack your bags to move your base to the United States. Medcareer shall coordinate your arrival at the right moment based on when you are scheduled to begin working.

We shall organize air transportation to U.S, help you with finding temporary housing, furnish school information and help to complete other important tasks. Our goal is to help you settle into your new state of the art life as you begin your rewarding nursing job in the USA.

Fulfill your goal of Career in U.S.A

Medcareer has been instrumental in shaping career of registered nurses and other medical professionals in the United States. We endeavor to help you acquire permanent residency status as soon as possible. The immigration procedure takes about 18 months to 2 years, irrespective of your specialization and medical background, so it’s better to start the process early.

Share your resume or contact us for any queries.

Why work with MedCareerUSA?

Our 35 years of experience in helping International nurses find jobs in the US helps us help you. Find out why we’re the leader in international nursing healthcare staffing.

International Nursing Program

We provide you with comprehensive support on everything from US Visa Sponsorship to licensing assistance.